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Nasopharangeal Airway

Flexicare NasoClear

Flexicare NasoClear™

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Flexicare South Africa Distributor

NasoClear is a simple and effective disposable PVC nasopharyngeal airway designed for easy insertion and maximum patient compliance.

  • Clear Providing visual confirmation of any blockages before insertion.
  • Flared Nasal Opening Integrated connector for comfortable positioning without obstructing the other nostril, while nostril. Prevents the tube from travelling down the nasal passage, without the need for an additional fixation device, such as a safety pin.
  • Reduced Risk of Injury Rounded edge and angled cut of the tip helps reduce the risk of injury during insertion.
  • Better Tolerance Nasopharyngeal airways are better tolerated by awake patients than oropharyngeal airways.
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