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Nasopharangeal Airway

flexicare NasoSafe

Flexicare NasoSafe®

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Flexicare South Africa Distributor

NasoSafe is an innovative disposable PVC Nasopharyngeal Airway. The swivel safety grip eliminates the risk of the airway from traveling down the nasal passage while providing maximum comfort for the patient.Nasosafe® Rounded edge and angled cut of the tip helps reduce the risk of injury during insertion of a nasopharangeal airway

  • Size Colour Coding Available in 11 sizes with colour coded swivel grips, that indicates the correct suction catheter size.
  • Swivel Safety Grip Safety grip can be rotated through 360°  to place the airway in a convenient and comfortable position without blocking the free nostril.
  • Allows Access NasoSafe is ideal when the oral passage is not accessible and allows for nasotracheal suctioning.
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