Neonatal, premature newborn Infantcare
Neonatal, premature newborn Infantcare
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Novos KI 1000 Incubator

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A reliable micro-environment and a comfortable design are the most important criteria for fragile newborns. The Novos KI 1000 Incubator has been designed to ensure precise temperature control and ensures a stable micro-environment.

  • TTSS-Target Temperature Surveillance System: provides advanced protection for your sensitive newborn. TTSS provides extra secure patient monitoring by informing you about target air and target skin temperatures, regardless of operating mode (air mode or skin mode).
  • Smartweigh System: Will let you get the precise results of weight gain or loss of newborn at any point of the infant bed.
  • User Friendly Interface and Ergonomic Design: built in LCD color touchscreen. Adjustment of any parameter can be made easily on user friendly LCD color touchscreen. Caregivers can access newborn either from front or rear sides which makes operations much more comfortable. When it is necessary, two clinicians can perform operations on newborn at the same time.
  • Configurable Features for Different Needs of NICU’s
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