Neonatal, premature newborn Infantcare
Neonatal, premature newborn Infantcare
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Infant/Neonate Overhead Phototherapy Device

Novos BiliLED Maxi+ Overhead Phototherapy Unit

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Novos offers an advanced phototherapy device with a long LED lifetime and extended effective surface area. NOVOS Bililed Maxi+ high intensity phototherapy treats infants with hyperbiluribinemia with its excellent performance.

  • Optimum Wavelength: Blue Super LEDs used in Bililed Maxi+ emits light between 440–460nm region thus billirubin breakdown is maximized with the most effective wavelength range for jaundice treatment.
  • Examination Lamp: Powerful examination lamps provide full visibility of the newborn and also vantouses provide stabilization on the top of infant incubator canopy.
  • User Friendly Design: Bililed Maxi+ has an ergonomic design thanks to its removable and adjustable lightweight head unit and functional mobile stand.
  • Extended Effective Surface Area: Bililed Maxi+ provides an extended effective surface area to cover whole body surface of even most physically active infants.
  • Jaundice Treatment with Adjustable Light Intensity Bililed Maxi+ ensures more than 70 µW/cm2/nm (5 levels) irradiance at 35 cm distance with 16 pcs super LEDs. Light intensity is adjustable at 5 different levels according to each patient’s need.
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