Neonatal, premature newborn Infantcare
Neonatal, premature newborn Infantcare
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Infant/Neonate Phototherapy Device

Bilisphere 360 Multidirectional Intensive Phototherapy Device

Code  B-360

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Novos offers a multidirectional intensive phototherapy treatment with super LED technology. Bilisphere 360 enables you to get the fastest total serum bilirubin breakdown and eliminates the need for risky blood exchange.

  • Less workload for caregiverers and nursing staff: Treatment time of each patient is definitely shorter with Bilisphere 360 Led than any other phototherapy device. Short treatment time means less workload for caregivers per patient. Intensive phototherapy system Bilisphere 360 Led shortens hospital stay and provides early baby mother contact with early discharges.
  • Easy access to infant: Sliding out infant bed unit allows caregivers and nursing staff easy access to the infant. Red colored side windows protect other patients andcaregivers from the blue light’s adverse effect.
  • NovoSoft™ System: Newborns need an ideal environment. Bilisphere 360 makes this possible with smart software System Novosoft™ and Thermoelevation System. It creates a reliable, stable and effective therapy environment for newborns by maintaining a regulated, stable temperature. It prevents hyperthermia, hypothermia, dehydration, cell and tissue damage.
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