Neonatal, premature newborn Infantcare
Neonatal, premature newborn Infantcare
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Novos KT 1000 Transport Incubator

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KT 1000 i nfant transport  incubator provides a stable microclimate for the safe transport of newborns Designed with advanced technology and optional features.

  • Quick Warm Up: heats under 30 minutes and maintains the temperature for a long time thanks to  its double wall design.
  • Long Battery Life: battery time of 4 hours when operated at full performance and 8 hours when operated at an average performance.
  • Fast charging time: needs 6 hours to be fully charged.
  • Uninterrupted Treatment: designed for use in transport as well as in wards and EC treatment areas
  • Optional: Vacuum Unit, Transport Trolley and Ambulance Stretcher
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