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PNEUPAC BabyPac Ventilator

PNEUPAC BabyPac Transport VentilatorTM

Item CodeB100

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Specially developed for ventilation during transportation of neonates and infants up to 20kg

  • Unique variable concentration gas mixing system
  • Gas powered, lightweight and portable
  • Separate control for inspiratory and expiratory times
  • IMV expiratory time Peep / CPAP control
  • Four operating modes
  • New comprehensive integrated alarm system
  • MRI compatible
  • Independent, adjustable, pneumatic, high pressure alarm
  • Suitable for long distance transport of patients
  • Babypac with built-in alarms
  • Weight:4.4 kg
  • Dimensions: 20.3 cm wide x 31.8 cm
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