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PNEUPAC ® CompPAC™ 200 Ventilator

PNEUPAC ComPACTM Transport Ventilator

Item CodeCOM200

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The Pneupac  compPAC™ ventilator has the unique ability to be driven from an external gas supply or from its internal compressor. When driven by oxygen the Pneupac  compPAC™ ventilator will deliver 100% or 45% oxygen during the air mix mode, extending cylinder life.

  • Designed for use in the most difficult of environments the, Pneupac  Compac™ ventilator has been developed in conjunction with military and emergency organizations
  • It provides life support to casualties in a wide range of situations
  • Where conventional resuscitation equipment is not adequate (war zones, toxic environments, mass disasters).
  • Air mix and oxygen enrichment facility
  • Separate controls for minute volume and frequency
  • Integrated electronic pressure monitoring/alarm system
  • Filter canister for use in contaminated areas
  • Weight:8.5 kg
  • Dimensions: 390 x 210 x 210 mmcm
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