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Simex Aspirator

Simex Subglotic Aspiration System

Simex cuff M Item Code100678
Simex cuff C Item Code 100679


The SIMEX subglottic Aspiration System models cuff M and cuff S are indicated for vacuum suction, extraction, aspiration and removal of surgical fluids, tissue (including bone), bodily fluids or infectious materials from patient’s airway or respiratory system, either during surgery or at the patient’s bedside.

The cuff M and cuff S are the only subglottic aspiration systems designed and indicated for intermittent aspiration of subglottic secretions.

These aspiration systems afre designed for subglottic extraction in order to help prevent ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP).

  • VAP is estimated to occur in 9-25% of all ICU patients
  • VAP is a costly complication of hospitalization that lengthens ICU and hospital stay and increases morbidity and mortality
  • Mortality that is directly attributable to VAP is estimated to be as high as 27%

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