Breathing Filters for Ventilation
Breathing Filters for Ventilation
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Endotrachial Tubes

Flexicare Uncuffed ET Tubes

Flexicare Standard Un-cuffed ET Tubes

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Flexicare South Africa Distributor

The comprehensive Flexicare Standard range of uncuffed endotracheal tubes provide safety and comfort for patients and intubation with total confidence.

Features & Advantages
  • Clear Positioning Guides 2.0mm to 5.0mm ID tubes feature a single Depth Guide to identify correct placement. The orientation guide indicates position of the Murphy’s Eye and tube tip
  • Smooth Bevelled Tip Rounded bevelled tip reduces risk of damage to vocal cords during intubation
  • Kink Resistant Maintains tube patency whilst softening at body temperature to conform to the patient’s respiratory tract.
  • High Resolution Radiopaque Line Guarantees easy and accurate identification of tube position and location during X-ray.

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