Breathing Filters for Ventilation
Breathing Filters for Ventilation
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Endotrachial Tubes

Flexicare Ventiseal ET Tubes

Flexicare VentiSeal™ ET Tubes

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Flexicare South Africa Distributor

The Flexicare VentiSeal is an effective high volume  low pressure cuff, with a thin ultra-smooth cuff wall that conforms to the tracheal contours for an effective seal.

Features & Advantages
  • Kink Resistant Retains tube patency for patient safety, whilst softening at body temperature to conform to patient’s respiratory tract.
  • RColoured Inflation Line For quick identification to differentiate from other tubing.
  • Rapid Inflation Pilot Balloon Small balloon size, means less air is pushed into cuff, reducing potential tracheal wall necrosis when checking cuff inflation using the “squeeze” test.
  • Simple Verification Small and rounded shape of the balloon gives a more responsive and tactile feel to the user for inflation check.
  • Reinforced Central Rib Prevents complete collapse of the pilot balloon, during rapid deflation ensuring line to cuff is always open.

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