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ZOLL Dura-padz™

ZOLL Dura pads

ZOLL Dura-padz™

ZOLL electrodes and paddles

Re-usable defibrillation pads with CPR feedback

A unique, flexible, reusable hands-free paddle system. A single CPR Dura-padz can be used for up to 100 patients. CPR Dura-padz offer the cost effectiveness of conventional paddles and the safety and convenience of disposable electrodes.

Features & Benefits
  • High-quality CPR for Every Patient CPR Dura-padz incorporate a patented CPR sensor so rescuers have access to the benefits of ZOLL’s Real CPR Help  technology, which provides critical feedback that guides rescuers to provide compressions at the depth and rate specified in the current Guidelines.
  • Easy to Use Designed for ease of use, simply apply a CPR Dura-padz gel square to each hands-free paddle and adhere to the patient. Then select the therapy required: monitoring, defibrillation, or cardioversion.
  • Simple and Convenient CPR Dura-padz simplify resuscitation. Separate gel squares provide an efficient, single use connection from the electrode to the patient. Peel them off when you’re done and throw them away. Wipe the CPR Dura-padz hands-free paddles clean, and they are ready for the next patient.
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