ZOLL Z-Vent Transport Ventilator
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ZOLL Z-Vent Transport Ventilator


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Z Vent is the ideal transport ventilator designed for both pre-hospital and intra-hospital use. Z Vent offers unmatched durability and portability, delivering a full range of ventilation options in a device that’s simple to use.

Z Vent removes the complexity associated with many portable ventilators.

  • Supports infants through adults
  • Can operate independently of oxygen source
  • Provides a 10-hour runtime
  • Battery recharges to 90% in 2 hours
  • Our Smart Help™ technology enables users to quickly resolve an alarm with simple on-screen prompts, a feature only available on ZOLL ventilators
  • A Touch, Turn, and Confirm interface makes changing settings quick and easy.
  • Enables users to mirror the settings of ICU ventilators on the go
  • Works in an MRI environment
  • In non-invasive ventilation modes, Z Vent’s Apnea Backup feature automatically ventilates patients when spontaneous breathing ceases, while Automatic Leak Compensation adjusts oxygen flow if a mask is ill-fitting.
  • Light, Rugged, All-weather device
  • Weight:4.4 kg
  • Dimensions: 20.3 cm wide x 31.8 cm
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