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PAX I-MAT Vacuum Mattress - WITh HANDLES

Item CodePAX155165210

PAX Vacuum Mattress

The PAX Vacuum Mattress - I-Mat with Handles is our entry-level product and is manufactured with the same PAX care as all our other products. The straight cut resembles a capital "I" and is optimised for use in the medical sector. The PAX I-Mat is supplied with 10 loop-in handles and our 5 colour coded fixation straps.

  • 8 attachable handles
  • x5 PAX fixation straps have a colour code corresponding to the buckles. Intuitive system under stress and minimises the risk of misuse in terms of integrated safety for patients and users.
  • PAX Buckles for fixation instead of velcro - easier to clean.
  • Multi-chamber system with a 2-layer structure .
  • The strap and carrying loop eyelets are recessed for even better cleaning and the carrying handles are completely closed-pored.
  • To avoid pressure points on the patient, the buckles of the PAX Fixation straps are placed on the outer sides of the mattress
  • The side facing the patient is made of the very soft and comfortable PAX-Flex Tec MP material.
  • Includes matching transport bag and the individually usable belt extension.
  • Length: 202cm
  • Width: 70cm
  • Weight: 4.23kg
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